Built on a solid foundation

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With more than 25 years of experience in the public entity insurance market, JWF Specialty offers individual municipalities, groups and associations tailored coverage solutions that enable each one to manage their unique risks—and budgets.

Complete coverage for municipalities of all sizes.

Law Enforcement Liability

Endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association
Civil Rights
Jail Nurses/EMT Coverage
Premises Liability
Occurrence and Claims Made
Deductible and SIR Forms Available
Non-monetary coverage available
Watercraft Liability

Public Official Liability/EPLI

Claims Made
Deductible and SIR Forms Available
Wrongful Termination
EEOC Defense Cost Coverage
Civil Rights including Discrimination
Sexual Harassment and Humiliation
Non-monetary coverage available

Auto Enhancement Endorsement

Commandeered autos
“Customized” vehicles
Electronic equipment
Fellow employee
“Freezing” coverage for emergency vehicles
Deductible and SIR forms available
Hired auto physical damage coverage and more

General Liability Enhancement Endorsement

Several classes of additional insureds
Expected or intended injury extension
Waiver of transfer of rights included for written contracts
Deductible and SIR forms available
Optional failure to supply, sewer backup, cemetery professional, abuse/molestation and more

Property Enhancement Endorsement

Foundations and underground pipes
Ordinance or law coverage
Extra Expense “included”
Employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration, money & securities, money orders and counterfeit paper currency included (sub-limit) and more