Claims Administration

Working to reduce your
total cost of claims.

We provide multi-line claims administration services for a variety of entities to help you achieve your risk management goals.

Our experienced claims team handles the following types of claims for Insurance companies, pools, captives, groups, and self-insured employers:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Property
  • Auto and General Liability
  • Law Enforcement and Public Officials
  • Disability
  • FMLA
  • Claim Audit Services
  • Subrogation Management

We’ll administer your claims and advocate on your behalf.

JWF claims partnership strategies are crafted to meet your risk management objectives.

We offer:

  • Regular claims reviews so you can better understand where your claims are coming from, identify patterns and more importantly, prevention strategies.
  • Comprehensive Medical Cost Containment for Worker’s Compensation Programs designed to reduce the largest cost driver for claims.
  • Single Point of Contact for Self-Insured clients on each line of claims regardless of complexity to reduce frustration in the claims process.
  • Advanced claims analytics tools and predictive modeling to help us create a loss control solution to help reduce injuries, mitigate exposure and create a sustainable safety culture.
  • Benchmark data for Self-Insured clients to understand experience against industry peers.
  • Flexible Administration Options for claim funding, account payment, service calendar structure, and client specific needs in Self-Insurance.

Should an incident occur, our in-house team is there to work closely with you to obtain the best possible outcomes—and to provide you with loss control strategies to help prevent the incident from happening again.